Griffid Integratie


Griffid integrates systems for safety, security and efficiency. Partners who contribute with a valuable and viable business case will profit from our quick, flexible and result driven integration power.

Looking for a common off the shelve product or an entirely new solution? Please contact us.

Examples of integration:

  • Communications: a.o. SIP, XML and various SCADA.
  • Access control: a.o. EAL, Lenel
  • Data: PostgreSQL and MS SQL.
  • Alarming: a.o. Honeywell GalaXy and GE ATS.
  • Video: a.o. Griffid, IndigoVision >1.700 types of devices (broadly 80 brands).
  • Broadcast: a.o. Griffid Audio Solution (i.f.o bridges / o.b.o. bridges).
  • Network: a.o. Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, American Fibertek, 4G from different carriers.
  • Mobile & Transportable: a.o. Boels masts, box for Ziegler fire brigade-technique.
  • Cloud Technology: Eurofiber & Unet.
Open platform | Made in Holland. By Griffid.