Griffid projecten


Griffid can support partners with their implementations.

Here are some examples of project types:
  • Software roll-out.
  • Exception reporting for Retail.
  • Alarm control room for large hospitals.
  • Integration of process management with video for transport companies and parcel services.
  • Management platform for safety and security in subway/metro environments.
  • Audio-video safety systems for bridges, sluices and tunnels
  • Video management platform for alarm control rooms, palaces and universities.
  • Incident and event management system with modules for registration, analysis and reporting.
  • Tender processes: bid management technology and ICT.
  • Mobile surveillance with a Portal connection.
  • Alarm monitoring system ‘above’ all standard sub-installations of a production facility.
  • Identity management system for multi-site, corporate and federated organizations.
  • Museum monitoring system for video content and intelligent video as well as policy analysis.
  • Bid management for Technology and IT.

In case you need our project references, please contact us.

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