New in the current software release

  • Improved functionality for controlling video wall monitors
  • Ability to play recorded camera images on a video wall monitor from the client timeline
  • Improved functionality within the profiles
  • Improved functionality with regard to audio recording and export
  • Necessary and additional security measures and patches for cyber security
  • Extra functionality for connecting> 250 servers by using. our gateway server application
  • Extra reporting facility and link with SSIM®
  • Latest online version, new version Build X (see also welcome screen

Upgrading to Build X is only possible with version 9.9 or with a clean installation. Upgrade now to easily switch to Build X. Build X contains lifelong free updates for cyber security without a necessary maintenance agreement. We believe cyber security is important and we want to support end users with this. A maintenance agreement is required for upgrading older versions to version 9.9. Invest in this upgrade now and take advantage of the advantage with Build X. Version 9 remains supported until 1 July 2020, older versions are no longer supported since 31 October 2019.

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