vuist 206 180 In our rapidly changing world the need for customization in security is growing.
Our five pillars together form a fist in terms of safety, security and efficiency.

Griffid Incident Management
Safety Security Incident Management (SSIMĀ®)

Monitor, capture and report events and incidents
in a clear way.

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Griffid Area Control

Area Control

Hardware interface for the security management of zones.

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Griffid Security management
Security Management

CCTV monitoring, broadcasting or access control all controlled from a portal.

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Griffid Incident Management
Identity Management

Roles and rights of individuals, manage& operate, systems are centrally recorded and managed.

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Griffid Audio-Video management
Audio and Video Management

The solution for remote control, operation and logging of CCTV, broadcasting, intercom, VHF radio or mobile phone and telephone.

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