Identity Management

Identity Management

From the Griffid Portal, the Identity Management module monitors the safe use of Griffid systems and the integrity of the data. Roles and rights of individuals to use, manage, operate and change the systems are centrally recorded and managed. The usage is logged and is available in reports.

Griffid's Identity management (IdM) system is available for single site, multi-site as well as federated organizations, where departments, zones, assets, roles and permissions are changing on a daily basis, and where identities should be managed in a uniform way.

Griffid built IdM to be applied on either existing access control hardware and registration systems, or on future developments. It is open standard.

When you add Safety Security Incident Management (SSIM®) to IdM, the integrity of your personnel, assets and real-estate will be guaranteed. Audits will not be annoying any longer.

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