Platform As A Service Portal

Platform as a Service

There a quite a few companies that claim to have a safe cloud for all your solutions. Griffid has a real one and it is called the Griffid Portal.

The Griffid Portal offers a solution that is secured physically as well as logically. It uses fast or standard connections through fiber or copper, and provides services such as VPN, IP-alarm handling, VoIP, SIP, PIN-transactions, streaming video, exception reporting and security management.

With each function-area there is a tile with a color-code.
These tiles give you access to system-configurations:
  • User rights
  • User resources
  • Storage for video and other data
  • System monitoring
  • Registration
  • Report forms
  • Video management
  • Audio management (intercom and PA)
  • Access control and incident alarming
  • Fire detection and evacuation
  • Building management features (i.e. light)
  • GIS floor plan display
In the Netherlands the Griffid Portal is available as Platform as a Service, and as a subscription. For abroad we can connect you to one of our partners. This way you will have just one package for both building as well as security management.
Open platform. Made in Holland