Platform As A Service Portal

Platform as a Service

There a quite a few companies that claim to have a safe cloud for all your solutions. Griffid has a real one and it is called the Griffid Portal.

The Griffid Portal offers a solution that is secured physically as well as logically. It uses fast or standard connections through fiber or copper, and provides services such as VPN, IP-alarm handling, VoIP, SIP, PIN-transactions, streaming video, exception reporting and security management.

With each function-area there is a tile with a color-code.
These tiles give you access to system-configurations:
  • User rights
  • User resources
  • Storage for video and other data
  • System monitoring
  • Registration
  • Report forms
  • Video management
  • Audio management (intercom and PA)
  • Access control and incident alarming
  • Fire detection and evacuation
  • Building management features (i.e. light)
  • GIS floor plan display
In the Netherlands the Griffid Portal is available as Platform as a Service, and as a subscription. For abroad we can connect you to one of our partners. This way you will have just one package for both building as well as security management.
Open platform | Made in Holland. By Griffid.