Griffid 24/7 support

Griffid 24/7 Security, Support Operations Center (SSOC)

We offer 24/7 support, by telephone, remotely and on location.

You can submit all your support questions on our SSOC page. Here, our support desk monitors and answers your questions 24/7. If necessary, a Griffid Engineer can assist you remote or on site. Our experience is that in most situations it is sufficient to maintain systems regularly and / or solve problems via an external connection. Griffid can,if desired, provide the maintenance of your system via a Service Level Agreement (SLA), via a SLA can also be determined what your wishes are with regard to custom response times and on which days and times we should be available to you.

To optimally plan support activities, our support department is not available by telephone, you can register a support question 24-7 via our SSOC page and questions are answered 24/7, required response and repair times are determined in a SLA. Normally you will receive a reply no later than the following working day.

Via the SSOC page you can follow the status of your question and escalate after 60 minutes if necessary. A report is made of each question and shared with you.

If you experience problems with our support system that thinks something could be improved, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.

Please note: To use our system, it is necessary that your e-mail address is registered in advance.

If you need a repair please send your request to:

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